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Welcome to our website! Here's a quick run through of what you'll find:
  • Forums: our Legion's forum page.
  • Raid Calendar: our scheduled events and raids.
  • Gallery: where members post pictures and prints of Aion-related stuff.
  • DKP: Points acquired from killing world bosses.
  • Roster: our Legion's basic info, such as members, class and level distribution.
  • Library: useful links.
  • Resources: where we showcase our skills and you can fill orders for certain crafted items.
  • Bank: our Legion's Bank Founds and Items.
  • Voting: all of our polls.
  • Stories: where members can write Fanfictions.
  • Mail: your mail stuff.
So, make yourself at home and explore. Go go go~~

We are also on Facebook, check it out: Angels of Anarchy.
We are sooo connected
Guild News

Congrats on lvl 5!

Tiamina, Nov 8, 12 9:22 AM.
Thanks to the donations of countless legionaries and the effort of all in collecting AP we were able to rech lvl 5. Now members are able to purchase the Elite Legion Uniform from Skan, the Legion Items NPC in Pandaemonium, and haunt Ellyos like a boss (meaning, the way we usually do). Thanks again everyone! 

Congrats, AoA! Let's keep rocking!

Finding Klantia

Tiamina, Sep 26, 12 3:51 PM.
With Aion's brithday event and Empyrean Lord Crystals pilling up in our inventory you might find yourself asking:  Where the hell is Klantia?

It's a veeery simple guide about her location, but i hope it help you guys in some way ;)

Guides updated

Tiamina, Sep 13, 12 5:11 PM.
Trying to add some useful links on our Library section. A guide to Enchantments, Manastones, and Godstones was already added and, hopefully, more will be coming up!


Gathering info for our future Raids

Tiamina, Sep 5, 12 12:53 PM.
We are close to start going on our first Raids for fame and AP but for that we need your data. On the left bar of this page we are running a poll to gather information about the best time for our raids, so we can figure out which groups to form according to the member's availability and classes.

Please take a little bit of your time to vote and help us. Together we can conquer an awesome artifact and make AoA known all over Aion  (okay, i might be exagerating, but you get the point).

Blood for blood~

So far so good?

Tiamina, Aug 30, 12 6:45 PM.
Hi everyone!

There are a few things left to fix here and there but we'll get to it. So far Memebers can already register and post on the forums i believe (let me know your feedback).

Watarux is planning our first Raid so stay tuned to the Legion's calendar. Also, we've decided that all events will be scheduled according to the CST's timezone (Aion's official timezone), we will make sure to remind you that.

What do you guys have to say? So far so good?

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